Karaneh koomeh paidar

Our goal is to serve the country's industry

Our Services

Import animal feed

With many years of experience in import, we are working to bring the best animal feed at an affordable price

sales advisor

Our experts will provide you with the necessary advice on how to get the right purchase

Possibility to create special conditions

Depending on your needs, it is possible to offer a package at reasonable prices for your animal feed

Distribution of feed and poultry

Our effort is to distribute products as soon as possible

Great support

Our expert will anwser your questions in Hours of work kindly.

Work team

Sharam Asef

Managing Director

Ehsan Mahmoudi


Ms. Ahmadzadeh


Ali Beikalizadeh


Our Products

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Company vision

We are from a group that may not be equal in skills, experience or talent, but we also aim at the "commitment" to achieve the goals and success of the company.

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When the consignment is received, a sample is taken to be examined by a validated external laboratory

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Risk management

With the help of risk management, we do our best in Market fluctuations

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karaneh koomeh paidar

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